I freed up some space in my reptile room this weekend which prompted some re-organizing of the cages. Since that coincides with the starting up of this blog, I thought I’d take you on a little tour of the room, which basically entails standing in the doorway of the room and looking at the cages!

Reptile Room - Candoia cages

Reptile Room - Candoia Cages

Back Wall Candoia Cages

Back Wall Candoia Cages

The  “back wall” cages as I call them – the two on top are 3′ x 2′ x 1.5′ (the top cage is divided into two) and the bottom one is 3′ x 2′ x 2.5′.

All of the cages in the other stack (picture below) are 3′ x 2′ x 2′.

The bottom cage is the only Candoia cage I have that is heated with a Radiant Heat Panel. If I had a thousand bucks to spare, I would upgrade all of my cages in this manner. In the meantime, however, heat tape works well on the other cages.

Each cage (including the other stack of cages shown below) contains a number of cork bark pieces (tubes and half-tubes), an Exo-Terra snake cave (not usually one to spend money on frivolous, brand-name doo-dads, I highly recommend this product), a water dish, and a plant. Some of the other cages have a plant and/or a shelf.

Each snake has its own preference – some like to chill in the moss in the plant pot; others rarely leave their snake caves and others yet stick to the cork bark.

More Candoia Cages

This stack is over 6' high!

And now for the best part (and I hope you’ll agree): pictures of the inhabitants.

Spike - Red Solomon Island Ground Boa

Spike - Red Solomon Island Ground Boa

Nexus - Female Solomon Island Ground Boa

"Pretty sure I'm safe in here..."

Axis - Male Solomon Ground Boa

Axis, aka #1 cranky snake!

Sol - Female Solomon Island Ground Boa

Our first SIGB. I swear her nose tip isn't cut off - it's just shadow.

Poirot - Male Solomon Island Ground Boa

His name is "Poirot", and as we speak I am watching Agatha Christie's Poirot on DVD.

Sun - Female Solomon Island Ground Boa

What a pointy face you've got!

Equinox - Female Solomon Island Ground Boa

"Isabel-type", I suppose. I love how this female looks.

Well, that’s the lot of em.  There are a couple more snakes and lizards kicking around the place, but we’ll save those for another day.